Why Not Make a Difference?

Rundown white house, no glass on windowsDo you shudder and turn away from people struggling to survive, flipping past the TV commercials about the desperate lives led by people who have little or no access to clean water, food or shelter?

In the 1950s parents often said, “Clean your plate. There are children starving all over the world.” Not understanding what this meant, I never told my children to eat because of starving people. Today I understand: We are all connected because we are all children of a Divine Creator.

Our consciousness is connected to hurting people, even if we don’t know or believe this, and they are connected to us as a part of their consciousness. We may turn away from pictures of their poverty; and they may feel every American is rich because our homes have piped-in water and electricity, with a nearby market in most neighborhoods.

To me, the most significant thing about the imbalance between the haves and the have-nots is that it is very difficult for people struggling to survive to evolve spiritually. They may not believe a benevolent Creator exists, or they may decide if there is one, they hate Him. I am sure some of them fall to their knees every night, praying for a break, a chance, for their families.

I don’t understand how capitalism came to be so warped and rewards so well the highly educated and the business-savvy, while leaving so many others behind, especially in America. There has to be a better way, a way of the heart with the head that acknowledges all people are sons or daughters of the Divine, and only need a hand up to transform their lives. To those who have so much more than you will ever need: Why not learn how to make a difference in the lives of those who long for only the most basic of needs? The rewards for ‘teaching them to fish’ are life-altering.