As the Talking Stick Moves Around the Circle…

talking stickThere’s been a lot of commotion around political gatherings this year—bullying, shouting of offensive names, and holding up of cruel signs. I wonder what purpose this serves? In my own life, I’ve noticed that shouting, name calling, and attempts at intimidation have had only a negative effect.

I wish it was easier to understand the motives and intentions of those who use offensive stereotypes. After all the years we humans have lived on this planet, negative intolerance is the best we can do? In a time of crisis? To me, this way of seeing indicates someone or something is off-balance.

There are genuine ways to communicate what is important to us. Take, for example, the Talking Stick, used in some Native American societies. The participants sit in a circle and only the person holding the Talking Stick speaks. All others honor the speaker by listening attentively, reflecting the value of each person’s point of view. Imagine the quiet created by a circle of eyes and ears focused only on you and your ideas regarding an important subject. The speaker has no choice but to be her authentic self, to share sincere thoughts, feelings and even possible solutions. As the Talking Stick moves around the circle, a higher spirit of cooperation, insight and wisdom is engendered. From this quiet, genuine and inspired gathering, concerns are understood and solutions appear.

Can you imagine this type of communication at office meetings, or town hall gatherings? Each of us can be a fount of wisdom, should we choose to become aware of our Creator’s hopes for humankind, which certainly do not include spewing hateful opinions and condemnations of others. God is love. God is peace. God is goodwill. Let’s open up and see all that we have in common, build some bridges, and gather together with mutual respect and kindness. Today, let us commit to being more like God in every way that we can. In this way, we each can and do change the world.