Will We Wear the White Hat or the Black Hat?

DNA GuySometimes I think of each of us as a storybook. Some of us are like the indestructible, hard cardboard books we give to little ones after they can sit up. Some of us are like the soft, padded plastic-covered first books that float in the tub. Some are long, complicated books like War and Peace, others of us are like a tender romance with a happy ending. Still others of us are mysteries, even to ourselves. 🙂 And just as story-plots can twist and turn and surprise us, what is coded in our DNA can do the same.

So, what is coded in our DNA?

I suppose a portion of it is the sum total of all of us, that the memories of all human experience are inside each of us. And then there is that which makes you, you, and me, me. This is likely how we all know both good and evil. Within us are both the higher expressions of humanity that call to us like soul-stirring music, and the shadow-self which pummels and tempts us, reminds us that we are low-lifes who should stop fighting and submit.

We are complicated and so is life, yet it unfolds in logical stages pretty much the same for all of us. We’re born, we grow up, we become adults who produce, climb the hill, reach the top aging all the while, grow old and then we die. The first time I read “from the day we are born, we march toward death,” I felt like I’d been slapped in the face. But it’s true.

Though our life spans are pretty limited, our possibilities are not. Our DNA potential is not the end of the story—it’s the beginning of our story, for we are the writers of our own screenplays. While it’s probably true that every possible variation of the human story has already been written, we still get to choose the settings of our lives, the characters in them, our dilemmas and our solutions. What will be the thrust of our lives? Each of us must answer that for ourselves. Will we wear the white hat or the black hat? Will we create a loving family, or an empire built on the backs of others? Will we mostly give or mostly take? Will God be in our lives or, for the time being, will we go it alone?

We are built to tap the universe from within and live extraordinary lives. We humans are like new buds on a rose bush—pretty colors, but tightly wrapped. When we unfold into the best we can be, we find the beauty of the entire universe in the perfect rose that is us.