Ever Wonder if Angels and the Dark Lord Affect Us?

Guido Reni's Archangel Michael Tramples Satan

Guido Reni’s Archangel Michael Tramples Satan

I am a fan of fantasy stories, the kind where one person is handed an impossible task and, after overcoming incredible doubt and fear, accepts his/her calling to defeat evil; then, with the help of friends, the hero finally overcomes hopeless odds and Love and Light are restored to life–again.

Yet, I’ve often wondered why these tales are so heart-poundingly full of great battles between dragons and elves, dwarves and giants and knights, and magic that is wielded by both the forces of light and darkness. Were hobbits and orcs ever real, or are they mythological creatures of imagination? What about angels and a dark lord? Don’t you wonder if they really exist?

I wonder if some of them, anyway, aren’t characters who play all the parts of ourselves, who reflect our ongoing inner struggles to understand the purpose for birth, for life and death, and for both goodness and heartlessness. We ask, ‘Who am I?’ and haven’t all of us wondered at times if we are more good than evil, or more evil than good? And, do we have the answer right? How would we know? Do forces of goodness ever influence our personal behavior? World behavior? How about forces of pure evil? Have you ever felt the darkness within yourself? And what does who we are right now mean in the long run? And, could the ‘long run’ include living more than one life on Earth?

Ahriman Sculpture by Rudolf Steiner

Ahriman Sculpture by Rudolf Steiner

To me, our day-to-day lives seem kind of boring—no battles with dragons or meetings with elves or sweet-spirited hobbits. (Of course, I rest at home all day. I’m not out hang-gliding or skydiving; if I was, maybe life wouldn’t seem quite so repetitive.) I’ve come across some websites and blogs, though, whose authors propose that we are about to be visited by beings from other worlds, beings who have been helping us for a very long time and are about to take things to another level, transforming–with our commitment to Love–greed to generosity, intolerance to compassion, self-importance to humility.

I don’t know about you, but learning that there are doorways to higher worlds sounds pretty good to me. The evidence for evil in our world tips the scales heavily to one side. I know we each have to do our own work, but I’m also ready to meet the beings of light we thought maybe lived only in our imaginations. I’m ready for healing–yours, mine and ours–and for Mother Earth to evolve, too, just as the Light intended.