What Are We Supposed To Do With Our Lives?

umbrella, childrenWhat is the purpose of life? Is it achievement–family–power–philanthropy–accumulation–friendship–love? How long have humans really lived on the earth? Why do we suffer? Were there any ‘Golden Ages’ in history when we understood who we were—children of God—and we lived accordingly? About how-to-live: Where is our step-by-step, in-the-trenches guidebook that covers being human, because we’d sure like to see it!

You know how stories of courage and honor and perseverance inspire us, and how stories of deceit, self-seeking and cruelty don’t? Why are we made with both the seeds of light and the darkness within us? Does it matter why? Or is the important question: What are we supposed to do with our lives? With our free will?

I often wonder if ‘mythological’ places like Atlantis were real, because I think I’ve dreamed about it. For a while, it seemed an enlightened society, but the story of its collapse is a familiar one: Misuse of power destroys the civilization. It’s the story that matters anyway–a reminder that universal laws do exist.

Are today’s erupting volcanoes, massive hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, drought, fires, torrential rains and flooding, cyclical in nature or signs of our times? We all know deep down that humans are no match for Mother Nature, and all cultures have stories of the earth being cleansed of us.

We humans seem intellectually, emotionally and spiritually challenged–only thinking of ourselves doesn’t seem to have gotten us very far. What if one of humanity’s tests is how we care for each other, for all creatures and for our home planet, as we live out our lives?

What can we do when living in a troubled period? Slow down our minds. Breathe deeply. Step back and look at the bigger picture, which includes our neighbors, our community, our states, our country, our world. Pray and meditate to connect with our Creator. Can we see the light within us and in others, or are we thinking food storage and guns and ammo? The size of our weapons is no measure of a person, or of a country. The size of our hearts and how we express love, charity and mercy, are. If we so desire, we can create a higher way of living that includes blessings for everyone.


Any thoughts to share with me?

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