Why is Being “Right” More Important than the Truth?

Breathed Into BeingWe all have a tendency to suspect people and things that are different from ourselves. (Maybe this is a remnant of an innate instinct for survival. If so, only a shift in consciousness will cause us to look deeper.)

The thing is, it’s too easy to not listen to each others’ stories and label others and their behaviors with overused, derisive names. And in the face of blow-back, politicians have learned how to promote our suspicions of others using suggestive words, instead of the stereotypes. They know us well–there’s always been mistrust between generations, but in our time, the race, religious and political issues have intensified beyond anything we could ever imagine. Why is that? Why don’t we respect and listen to each other? This rejection of ‘the other’ only fuels hatred and the destruction born from it.

Why is it so important that my opinion, or yours, be shouted above all others? When we’re harsh, critical and judgmental reflexively, why can’t we see it? Why has being pompous and “right” become more important than seeing the truth–and the solutions to our problems? Where have all the thoughtful people, the peacemakers, gone?


Any thoughts to share with me?

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