The Spirit of America is Dying

RunnersI thought it was pretty awesome when President Barack Obama was elected: I was worn down by the previous administration’s policies, the divisiveness in Washington, the lies about nuclear weapons in Iraq, the wars, all the lives lost and massive numbers of injured soldiers and lives, and the billions of dollars the wars had already cost. Then came the crash of the stock market at the end of 2008, which led to so much loss for so many Americans. It’s important to note here that no one person could have taken the helm in January, 2009, and had all the answers for America’s problems. But add in absolutely NO cooperation in Washington, D.C. for eight years and here we are, a country breaking.

I was happy Barack Obama was elected because of the way he thought and that he could see potential for healing and the bringing together of all the American people. I was ecstatic that I would live to see that coming-together day.

Instead, voices grew sharper and are now so extreme, I often think, “That’s crazy talk!” If only those shouting the loudest realized that we cannot hatefully indict others of something unless it lives inside us, too. It is our own beliefs that gnaw on our minds, keeping us fearful and paranoid, causing us to accuse others of what we ourselves are.

Those of us who can see the good in others no matter their race, religion, country of origin, etc., need to speak up and call hateful speech what it is. We have one Constitution and it is for every American citizen, not just the privileged few, those who believe it exists for their race or skin color, their religion, or their sexual preference. Truly, the United States of America will cease to exist if hateful speech and actions win the election in November.

There are no perfect humans; we all have flaws and idiosyncrasies, whether Democrats, Republicans or Independents; Christians or Jews or Muslims; or black or white or brown. The spirit of our country is dying and we all need to open our minds and hearts to the solutions that will bring peace and prosperity back to our country and to every citizen.

Why? Because we are beloved spiritual beings in physical bodies that need care. Our Creator doesn’t see skin color or country of origin. He sees our hearts and souls and our hopes. He wants peace–He does not want us to hate each other. He wants us to help each other. We can call hateful lies and spiteful opinions ‘truth’–but that doesn’t make it so.


Any thoughts to share with me?

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