We Can Heal the Rifts Between Us

Sometimes we humans get stuck in righteous indignation: ‘It’s my way or the highway.’ Most of us do this to some degree—about a pet idea, a philosophy, a rule or personal law. It’s human nature—but it’s not the best in us. When we think, ‘I’m not budging from my position,’ we’re stuck in our self-centered muck. In most situations, living effectively is inclusive and about building a way forward together.

The inspiration needed to solve our problems is not born of shouting our opinions, no matter how grand the surroundings. Insight grows from looking within, from listening for the still, small voice we call our conscience or guide—and that is the crux of the problem. When we’re focused on solely our own agendas, we may as well not have an inner guide. The effect of ignoring our highest selves is the same as denying our highest selves.

Repub Dem FlagThe truth is, neither of our political parties has it right because they will not cooperate, and this is a sad state of affairs for the American people. Our country’s problems are monumental, and for some reason we love to listen to politician’s campaign promises as if we believe them. They know how to wield the power they’re given, but they wield it selfishly, without consideration of our constitution or the American people. They call this the American Way. It’s a game and they play it well, calling us ignorant buffoons behind closed doors.

Answers are born of sincerity and listening, of inspired brainstorming. We need successful businesses to provide good jobs and we need homes, quality educations, the opportunity to live with stability, real health care and love for the health of the land/water/air we depend upon. (Some children need food. The children of America belong to all of us and they need, they deserve, our wise and responsible care.)

We need to want to heal the rifts between us–rich and poor, Democrat and Republican, Christian and non-Christian, educated and uneducated, white collar and blue collar, male and female–in order to re-establish a true democracy and an economy based on invention and providing quality products and services–not on the complex manipulations of the elite and their ‘financial instruments.’ Most Americans, as far as I can tell, are not ‘driven.’ We can’t keep up with financial maneuvers necessary to accumulate vast fortunes–we just want to live decent lives of meaning, shared with family and friends.

If we’re going to have those decent lives of meaning, we’re going to have to get involved and speak up. We’re going to have to voluntarily pull the wool off our eyes and stop pretending that someone else will fix our problems.


Any thoughts to share with me?

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