A Giant Umbrella of Love

Little Umbrella

You know that old saying, ‘It takes one candle to light a dark room’? We’re like that one candle, even when we’re feeling mostly down and dark. Our little spark of life and light within is all we need to brighten our hearts and minds. Why? Because it’s a cord back to the Source of light and love and comfort and peace. We may flounder and feel lost at times, but we’re always connected to the Great Being that made the universe. Surely the being who breathed life into us, mounted a rescue mission for us and created a home planet for us while we are away, knows our needs.

The story of life truly is a great mystery. Why are some lives long and others so short? Why are some people strong and others disabled? Why are so many homeless people sleeping on the streets of our town and why do so many children go to bed hungry every night? Everything happens for a reason—that’s another old expression—and I accept this as true, because we are the co-creators of our lives, with our thoughts and actions having amassed and ferried us along life’s river to wherever we are this very moment.

But is it enough to dismiss people with problems, people who, like you and me, are sacred beings, children of God? I think of Mother Teresa’s work in India, where those who have nothing are left to die in filthy gutters because this is their karma—except for the souls she and her Sisters brought/bring into their care-center to die, loved, clean and with dignity. Great acts of love can transcend karma by triggering self-forgiveness.

When Jesus spoke of ‘the least of these,’ he meant people with problems, those who have lost their way, who have not survived well the trauma of their lives, even those who have mistreated others, because they are most in need of love and forgiveness. We can rise above tough upbringings and circumstances, but often not alone. We may need to hear that we matter, that we’re also loved and valued, because only when a person knows his true value, can he fulfill his purpose in life. No matter the karma, why not open a giant umbrella of God’s Love and bring everyone under it, where we’re all connected by compassion and serving one another? Wouldn’t that light up our world!


Any thoughts to share with me?

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