We Can Do Better

Women TogetherWe’re experiencing an epidemic of protecting our own views, without consideration for the other’s ideas–or what is best overall–and this tears apart relationships, from friendships to a government of two uncooperative parties.

If we take a look at the history of humanity, only a few enlightened teachers have been born to teach us about authenticity, intention, the power of our thoughts and actions (and their effects), and the value of cooperation. It would appear that those teachings have been wasted on us, but I don’t think that’s true. Our current situation reminds me of being pregnant and the baby, the new life, grows until it can no longer be carried and must be born. We’re in labor, at the really hard part where the shoulders have to be coaxed through an opening not quite large enough for them to pass. But they do!

When the new life is born, we’ll look at each other not as insane enemies (which I’m embarrassed to admit is how I feel sometimes) but as other parts of ourselves. Whenever we’re defensive, thinking or acting separately, we’ve pulled away from the higher truth that we’re made of the same essence, that we’re all children of the One Creative Force. Of course, we can choose to raise our own opinions up and look down on others, but it won’t solve our problems. We obviously can’t work them out on our own: We need to seek the answers from the highest and best parts of ourselves. We need quiet time for prayer and meditation, to go within, from where the problem-solving, inclusive, inspired and healing answers are born. We need to do better, and we can.


Any thoughts to share with me?

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