What is Important in Life? What isn’t?

share journeyThe problems of our country, of the world, cannot be solved by our lower- or shadow-selves, but the temptation to do battle, to shout our opinions—the temptation toward self-righteousness—can override our “better angels,” as President Lincoln called the best in us not so long ago. Our petty-selves can’t see the higher road and, frustrated when ignored, they keep stirring up trouble like kids sometimes do, because negative attention is better than no attention at all.

My “better angel” reminded me of these things a few years ago:

What isn’t important is the size of your house.
What is, is the greatness of your heart.

What isn’t important is your station in life.
What is, is the love of family and friends.

What isn’t important is the car you drive.
What is, is the authentic journey.

What isn’t important is your fashion sense.
What is, is your sense of compassion.

What isn’t important is what you’ve amassed.
What is, is the difference you make.

What isn’t important are your opinions.
What is are your insights.

What isn’t important is power in this world.
What is important is sharing the power of Love.


Any thoughts to share with me?

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