The Fine Art of Rekindling Hope

Most of us don’t set out to hurt others. We just want to be fully ourselves and don’t appreciate pressure to change when we don’t feel the need to. The problem is with the narrow perspective of our human natures.

You can only see from inside your head, and I from inside mine, and we both think we have, at the very least, the basics figured out. Beyond human limits, though, there is the much greater perspective of that which brought everything to life, through a creative act of love and grace, generosity and wisdom. Wherever you see beauty and loving-kindness, you see the creator-forces. Wherever you see things that are hard and corrosive, angry and separating, or dark and twisted, you see the forces that fell away from the light.

And both of those forces live within you and me. That’s why when we do hurt others, some part of us feels pain and tries to lead us back toward healing; and it’s also why when we hope to make a positive difference in the world, our shadow selves suddenly sit up and go to work on dragging us down. “Hey—YOU? I see what you’re thinking. I think you need some problems of your own.”

It’s quite the plight we’re in, isn’t it? One thing that helps is to know that we each have a part in how this great play unfolded, and that we can each help to heal the mess. It’s all about a shift in our awareness—expanding our minds and hearts to include others, to be open to hearing their stories, for every single person you or I believe is taking advantage of ‘the system’ has a story of being pummeled so greatly, they no longer believe that good things are possible for them. We humans are made to be creative and productive and when those urges are stomped out of us, we feel like the walking dead and need help with rekindling. And the rekindling is something you and I can help with, by being kind and patient and wise.


Any thoughts to share with me?

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