Making Peace or Making Trouble?

Have you ever wondered what makes you tick? Why some days everything works and on others, it all goes wrong? Do you share your smile easily with others or keep your head down? Do you see some part of yourself in other humans or keep yourself separate? Do you feel you are greater than or less than? Are you certain of your opinions or is there room for reflection? Are you making peace or trouble as you live out your days?

Do you wonder if there is a greater plan? Do you believe goodness is at work in the universe? How about evil? Have you seen your own higher self? Your shadow self? Have you been an instrument of goodness? of darkness?

When the time comes for you to leave your body and cross to the other side, what do you hope people will say about you? What do you want your legacy to be? Are you old enough to have noted that ‘time flies’?

There is so much more to each of us than meets the eye. Let’s use our time on Earth to focus on healing and tolerance and become peacemakers.


Any thoughts to share with me?

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